This is REWILD's five-part animated series on Rangers,
narrated by Edward Norton. Rangers are the frontline workers of our planet.
Find out why it’s important to invest in a Global Ranger Action
plan to ensure that Rangers have what they need to protect
natural resources, strengthen communities and ensure
equality and equity in the field, and support wildlife
We need the #wild. We need #Rangers. Show them your
support! Join the global #RangersDeserveMore movement, in
partnership with the Universal Ranger Support Alliance
(URSA), @rewild, @wildlifeleaders, and
Animation & Design was created by Kari Pieterse & Margaret To
Voice & Narration was by Edward Norton
Audio, Music & Sound Effects was by Tomas Wischerath
Visual Treatment
With this digital collage style, we want to capture the essence of rangers
— their critical work, multiple roles, and gender and ethnic diversity —
through real life photography. The warm, vibrant geometric shapes and
cutout elements help make the story more personable and demonstrate
the issue in a positive way. We also aim to help our audience understand
the stats and economic impact of rangers through graphical data
Rough Styleframes
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