Rewild Your Fridge constitutes an initiative designed to inform and educate millions of individuals regarding the nexus between dietary choices and the overall well-being and sustainability of our planet. The campaign actively promotes an investigation into the provenance of one's food, an understanding of its dual implications for personal health and environmental welfare, and contemplation of adaptable measures, spanning from individual lifestyle choices to more extensive systemic transformations. 
With this campaign, we created the animated segments for the launch video, as well as animated icons for deployment across various social media platforms​​​​​​​
Design & Animation: Kari Pieterse & Margaret To
Music & Sound: Tomas Wischerath
Narration: Anirudh Pisharody
The chosen playful photo collage style serves a dual purpose in this project: not only does it captivate the audience's attention, but it also fosters a sense of engagement by making them feel empowered to contribute to the formidable issue of climate change. By infusing a sense of playfulness into the visual treatment, the design aims to break down the perceived barriers associated with the overwhelming topic, creating an environment where the audience feels not only informed but also inspired and capable of making a positive impact. This approach not only aligns with the distinctive brand identity of Rewild but also reinforces the notion that every individual can play a role in addressing the challenges posed by climate change.
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