This is the bakery renovation title logo designed for a reality tv show. A cute and playful design was designed to align with the client's vision. Although the bid was not ultimately awarded to our client, we are proud of the designs created and the potential it showcased for future collaborations. We remain committed to exceeding expectations and eagerly look forward to new opportunities that lie ahead.
One with paint brushing on the background and the other with the icing being painted onto the background.
This vibrant and delightful color palette showcases a harmonious blend of hues that evoke the essence of a bakery. The palette begins with a soft and warm off-white shade, reminiscent of freshly baked bread and warm pastries. Two variations of a serene and cool blue-green bring a refreshing touch reminiscent of icing or delicate frostings. Adding a touch of playfulness, coral and cheerful golden orange hues introduce deliciously tempting colors reminiscent of sweet treats and desserts. A buttery yellow radiates warmth and comfort, akin to a gooey cake filling. A soft and gentle green adds a soothing element, reminiscent of minty fresh flavors. Finally, a deep and rich brown represents the earthy tones found in freshly brewed coffee or chocolatey delights. Overall, this color palette exudes the irresistible allure of a bakery, capturing its sweet and inviting atmosphere.
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