For over 50 years, the Campbell River Sports Expert Store has promoted physical activity through partnerships with organizations, teams, athletes, coaches, and event organizers. Its social media campaigns extend this commitment, fostering an active lifestyle. Each post, tweet, and story rallies the community around sports.
Beyond showcasing products, the store's online presence empowers. Curating sports equipment, clothing, and footwear from renowned brands, the campaigns reflect quality and innovation through visuals and content.
The choice of incorporating a stop-motion aesthetic into the social media ads was to significantly enhance their impact, using the unique and engaging nature of stop-motion animations to captivate viewers' attention and provide a fresh way to showcase their sports equipment, clothing, and footwear. 
The nostalgic charm of stop-motion evokes feelings of connection and fond memories associated with physical activities. This approach not only creates visually compelling content but also encourages higher engagement on social media platforms as viewers are more likely to watch until the end, making it an effective tool for conveying the store's dedication to active living and outdoor adventures.
Illustration / Animation / Design: Kari Pieterse
Client: Campbell River Sports Experts
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